Our company “OLYMPUS ABRASIVES” is now in second generation of people that working with COATED & BONDED abrasives. Company start production from 1970 in Greece and get the name of bigger mountain in Greece, the house of twelve Gods “OLYMPUS” mountain.

Our company since that old time has established close relationship with the technical university and research institutes and we have the ability designing and improving new raw materials and techniques.

The quality of our products is always improved.
We can finish the full abrasive cloth production process, starting from raw material, then filling abrasive grits, backing adhesive, printing static, furnace and solidification etc...
Olympus Abrasives' main products are resin over resin abrasive cloth in form of jumbo rolls, small rolls and sheets ,we produce also under customer brand name.
Other products of ours are flap discs (Pegasus brand), fiber discs, Velcro discs, Semiflex discs, cutting & grinding discs(Pegasus brand), non woven abrasives, sanding sponges, non woven flap discs, combi flap discs, nylon strip discs, unitized discs, felt woolen discs, etc.
Your inquiries are always welcome. We are ready to cooperate with you and for mutual development.
One of our CUTTING DISCS production machine

One of our CUTTING DISCS production machine