• J-wt super flex abrasive cloth.
  • ALOX
  • semi-open coat
  • antistatic
  • for wood grinding with narrow belts .


  • X-wt abrasive cloth
  • ALOX
  • Full resin
  • antistatic
  • semi-open coat
  • used for small rolls or narrow belts and semi-wide belts.
  • Professional type and in economical price,.
  • For use in wood.


  • Y/X-wt Polyester abrasive cloth
  • .
  • Oilproof & waterproof
  • Antistatic.
  • Made with special premium ALOX
  • Semi-open coat
  • Mainly used for wide belts
  • In wood grinding industry.

KX456 // KY458

  • X/Y-wt polyester abrasive cloth
  • Antistatic
  • Made with Silicon Carbide.
  • semi-open coat
  • used for narrow and wide belts,
  • for MDF, laminates, glass, etc.


  • X-wt abrasive cloth
  • Zirconia & ALOX grains
  • Antistatic.
  • used for PARQUET grinding and hard wood.
  • As belts or rolls.


  • Y-wt Polyester abrasive cloth
  • ZIRCONIUM & ALOX grains.
  • close coat and with special top coated .
  • Antistatic.
  • Special treatment for anti-clogging & anti-heat properties.
  • for hard wood grinding
  • with narrow and wide belts


ASA is a product excellent for sanding of lacquer. The very soft lightweight paper A -wt in combination with the high quality Silicon Carbide give very smooth surfaces with fine and consistent scratch pattern. ASA is further treated with a stearate coating which together with the open coat grain distribution effectively reduces clogging problems. The Stearate also contributes to an improved surface finish. The product is especially suitable for hand sanding as well as for portable sanding machines.


ABR is a flexible coated paper. The specially treated aluminum oxide was bonded to the open-coated process, and then the anti-static, anti-clogging coating was added to the paper. This product has good sharpness, soft and not easy to break, excellent clogging resistance, long life, very suitable for all kinds of paint surface, putty and compound materials polishing and grinding.


Gold sandpaper is durable and suitable for grinding. This product uses fiber reinforced latex paper to ensure the flexibility and strength of the product; Using special grain to ensure the sharpness of the product; Through semi-open coating and special anti-clogging coating, dust clogging and adhesion can be avoided effectively, the service life is prolonged, and the effect of grinding surface is ensured.


E/F - wt paper (250 grams) strong backing German origin , full resin , ALOX grains , semi- open coat , can be used for narrow and wide belts production for grinding wood (soft & hard).